About us


Our love and passion for glass in its artistic expressions have ancient origins, numbering Greni and Bormioli family members among our ancestors.
Around the year 1000, they popularised glass artwork (blowing and etching) on the hills of the Savona region and then in many Italian localities.

Some of the works of these Masters are exhibited in prestigious European museums; many others are kept in the Glass Museum of Altare (SV).

Spring 1983, Pieve di Teco (Imperia)

Wally Greni Bormioli with the help of her husband, Albino Vivarelli, and her sons, Flavio and Ezio, founded the company Vetro in Arte which designed and created stained glass windows, glass objects and interior lights.

March 1984

The activity continued with the acquisition of several orders, such as the conservative restoration of the stained glass window cycle of the building housing the Provincial Authorities of Imperia, the supply of a stained glass window for the stairwell of the premises of Banca d'Italia Imperia as well as several stained glass windows for private customers.

Winter 1985 - Spring 1986

Opening of the exhibition space of approximately 80 sqm in the old town centre of Pieve di Teco, where Tiffany and traditional stained glass windows, mirrors, abat-jours, tables, domes and skylights can be admired.

The ornamented stained glass window painted at a very high temperature ("GranFuoco") of "San Michele e i dannati" (Saint Michael and the Damned) was created for the Christian Copt community of Djibouti (Africa).

November 1986 - March 1987

Conservative and supplementary restoration of the stained glass window of the apse of the Parish Church S. Giovanni Battista – Finale Ligure (SV)

Spring - Winter 1987

Conservative restoration of the ornamented stained glass windows of the side aisles of the Church S. Giovanni Battista, Finale Ligure.

Supplementary restoration of the stained glass window of the apse of the Parish Church of Artallo (Imperia). Cycle of 12 stained glass windows for private residence in Sanremo (IM).

January 1988

We took on the assignment of creating a large-size dome with a flower subject (length 260 cm x width 140 cm x height 45 cm, approximately 5000 pieces), without a supporting structure to be placed within a space created in the slab between the ceiling and the roof-garden of a palace on the Rock of Monaco.

Winter 1988 - Autumn 1990

We were given the job of designing and creating the stucco decoration of the whole palace, covering the lift cabin with mirrors, creating and making the wall lights and the “Mandarino” dome for the main bathroom, an architectural separation coulisse between the bedroom and private lounge and designing an exclusive Tiffany style lamp.

September 1990

The Vivarelli family and the company moved to Stresa on Lake Maggiore where they resumed their activity within the premises of a historical carpentry-sawmill.

From 1991 to 2016

The activity continued with several public and private orders:

Stained glass window of Aula Magna (Great Hall) - University of Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.

Stained glass window with iconographic subject "Venezuela" for an important Presidential building.

Stained glass window for Hotel Washington, Milan - 180 x 800 cm, subject: “View of Manhattan”.

Cycle of stained glass windows “Lake water lilies and papyrus” 8 panels, for Tea Room in Geneva (CH)

Private Residence in Settimo Torinese, 24 stained glass windows for window decoration.

Important stained glass window: "Peacock with Fisherman's Island View".

Mansion, Stresa: important cycle of stained glass windows with mixed technique and painted with grisaille and vitrifiable polychrome enamels, baked at 650° - Subject "Lady and Knight and Family Coat of arms”.

For the Historic Villa of a Russian customer, important stained glass window representing the villa itself and its lush park, Gignese (Alpino).

Cycle of “Cornucopia” stained glass windows for the entrance hall of the restaurant “Pinocchio” - Borgomanero (NO)

Stained glass windows for marquee facing the lake of Grand Hotel Regina Palace, Stresa (VB).

“Lake water lilies” stained glass cornice and floral Dome diam. 100 cm for the entrance screen of Grand Hotel Regina Palace, Stresa.

Study and creation of ceiling decorated with stained glass. Grand'Hotel San Rocco, Orta S. Giulio (NO)