Foliage patterns with Pine tree

A majestic pine in the foreground and an unattractive backdrop of houses, buildings, pylons and chimneys; the stained glass window would have to deal with all this.
By playing on transparencies and opacity, we decided to enhance the pine tree by integrating it in the stained glass window using transparent glass and eliminating all that was ugly and obtrusive in the landscape, with foliage patterns of roses in polychrome opalescent stained glass and white acidated glass.
This is the result!

Roses: painted at a very high temperature ("GranFuoco") 650° with vitrifiable enamels
Foliage patterns: leaves and branches and screen in opalescent glass
Back: transparent and acidated glass

Bovone stained glass window: "Vine and Castle"

The hills of Monferrato, the vine that he lovingly looked after, the castle that had always been the silent witness and companion of his life, of his native village: this is what he wanted in his window.

Castle: very high temperature 650° ("GranFuoco") painting with enamels and grisaille
Landscape: opalescent and iridescent glass.

Lace curtain

The idea for this small stained glass window originated from a conversation with a lady who complained of not being able to use her mother’s embroidered curtains because the sun and repeated washing had damaged them irreparably.
We thought about it and then created this "curtain"; by sandblasting it, etching it and then painting it, we eliminated these drawbacks while maintaining the lightness and charm of the lace.

Float glass: sandblasted, etched, painted, vitrifiable enamels